College Food Adventures

Living in a dorm is awesome except for one little downside: the school dining hall tends to serve the same food everyday and it often gets boring for those who are vegans and vegetarians because we seem to eat the same or similar thing over and over again. Well, thankfully, I lived in a dorm that had a small kitchen so I spend some time cooking my meals with my roommate and/or friends. You cannot even imagine the amount of food shopping I do. My all time favorite grocery story is Trader Joe’s and whenever I go there, you can only imagine how much food I bring back from home for my dorm room kitchen!

my shopping cart from trader joe’s


Then talk about the packing to transport it on the train back to campus…let’s just say, I bring an empty suitcase home whenever I visit just so I can carry all of this food back 🙂

a luggage bag full of just food : )


Anyway, I was going through some old photos and found some of the meals we made together. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite recipes from this past year! I’m just starting a list below and will continue to add to it as I start finding more pictures and going through my old recipes 🙂 Let me know your favorites!

1. Vegan Black Bean, Sweet Potato Tortillas


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