Strawberry Cottage Cheese Snack


I’ve never really had cottage cheese before but my mom bought a tub of it from Trader Joe’s yesterday so I decided to give it a try – the extra protein boost and live cultures can’t hurt right? Well, it turned out to be delicious! I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top because that’s my favorite spice with strawberries. It was the perfect pre-workout, afternoon snack! You could even eat it at breakfast, as a dessert, or as a snack – and it’s flexible in terms of what toppings you use. Next time, I’m going to try it with chocolate chips yumm!

The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

Serving Size: 1 cup

1/2 cup of fat-free cottage cheese

15 strawberries, diced

1 tsp cinnamon powder


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