Rich Fiber-Filled Veggie Oat Bowl

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and we decided to take her to the Melting Pot since she is a chocolate fanatic. Little did I know that I would literally be eating two day’s worth of food in one meal. I was so stuffed, bloated, and just plain out exhausted after the meal. Don’t get me wrong though, it was delicious and totally worth it! The dark chocolate literally melted in my mouth, yummy so good. But, anyway, I woke up this morning and felt really bloated so I decided to eat a high-fiber breakfast.
When I think high-fiber, the first thing that pops into my head is vegetables, but I wanted some whole grains as well so I decided to mix together vegetables and oats. Odd combination? Yeah, that’s what my mom said too when I was cooking up my breakfast. Well, it was actually really delicious, savory, and helped to debloat me and gave me the fuel I needed to run to my internship – definitely going to be one of my new favorite breakfast dishes! It’s an easy way to get in some fiber-rich vegetables while still enjoying your typical morning whole grains. And, it’s a perfect debloating and rejuvenating dish for the morning after a night of binge or overeating.
I choose spinach, broccoli, and bell peppers as my vegetables based on what I had made for lunch today, but you can play around with what vegetables you want to add to make this dish savory and delectable for you!

The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

Serving Size: 1 bowl

1/2 cup rolled oats

3/4 cup almond/coconut milk or water/vegetable broth (you may want more or less depending on how “soupy” you want your oats)

1 cup broccoli heads, chopped

2 handful raw spinach

1/2 large bell pepper (any color), chopped

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

A pinch of salt and pepper (optional as per your taste)



1. Place the rolled oats and 1/2 cup of the liquid of your choice into a pot. Cook the oatmeal at a medium heat – the liquid will start to bubble or steam depending on what you chose.

2. When the oats look like they are almost cooked (they become a little soggy), place all of the chopped vegetables you set aside into the pot and pour in the remaining 1/4 cup of your liquid. If you chose water or vegetable broth as your base, some of your water may have evaporated so you may need to pour more than 1/4 cup in to help cook the vegetables faster (use your judgment basically if the vegetables seem like they just aren’t cooking).

3. Let the vegetables cook completely. Since I chose spinach, I waited till the spinach had completely simmered down from its leaf form.

4. Sprinkle in the cinnamon, garlic, and onion powders (and the salt and pepper if you want it).

5. Once your vegetables are completely cooked, pour into a bowl and serve. ** Because you just cooked the milk for a few minutes, the dish is going to be really hot when you pour it in your bowl so just wait a few minutes before you dive in, but be sure to eat it warm! 


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