Next 28 Day Cleansing Mind & Body Diet

Hey readers! For the next 28 days, I’m committing to a 28-Day Cleansing Mind & Body Diet. It’s going to be hard, no doubt, but I’m hoping it will help me change the way I think about food and mentally feel about life in general so I can be prepared to take on my second year of college with less stress and pressure, which we all know is not good for our health. I also wanted to try to curb my cravings for certain foods that I know I won’t have access to in college or will have too much access to (such as desserts, chocolate, cakes, certain cookies, certain juices and fruits). I was hoping to use this cleansing diet as a way to change my staple, daily diet. Most diet plans and detox plans are crazy, no joke. They take you on a yo-yo diet where you drop 7 – 10 pounds of water weight, but gain it all back when you start eating normal. Therefore, I’ve been doing a lot of research on healthy ways to diet and detox as a vegetarian and/or vegan. And, from all the reading, I decided to combine different detox plans to make my own! I based mine mostly around Whole Living’s 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge because I really liked what the purpose of their detox was – it aligned with what I wanted just right. What I tweaked was basically the first week of the detox plan since I wanted to also try to incorporate trying a raw vegan diet during this plan. My goal is to keep you all updated with what I eat and drink daily, how I feel and how the detox is working/not working, in addition to any recipes or dishes I make for friends and family. So, hopefully, some of my daily recipes will inspire you to try a cleanse out! Cleansing/detox diets and plans are healthy for you in terms of flushing out excess toxins or just feeling more clean, but I highly don’t recommend insane detox diets for long periods of time because (1) it will become a yo-yo effect, (2) you will feel really ill, weak, and sick and (3) your body already naturally detoxes toxins so you don’t need a crazy detox plan – all you want is a simply jumpstart to a healthy eating lifestyle! This is the plan I came up with. I’m starting today so look out for what I eat and make during the day when I update the blog every evening! 

28 Day Mind and Body Detox Challenge:

– 4 to 6 meals daily
– Start every morning with 2 to 3 glasses of water made overnight with some cucumber, ginger, lemon, and/or spearmint leaves (The Sassy Water recipe from the Flat Belly Diet)
– Use natural spices as a detox (especially garlic and turmeric)
– Drink detox tea (green tea, dandelion tea, ginger tea, etc.) especially before exercise
– Focus on trying to follow daily lifestyle (exercise, sleep, daily chores, etc.)
– Tip: soak your nuts for several hours before eating to reap their benefits

What’s Not Allowed:

– Added sugar
– Processed foods or beverages
– Alcohol
– Caffeine
– Wheat/gluten
– Eggs
– Dairy
– Peanut products
– Processed fruit juices (very high in sugar so make natural)
– Soy, including soy sauce
– Corn and other heavy starchy vegetables

Week 1: All Raw (Focus on Juices/Soups 2x-3x)

Fruit, veggie, nuts, plant-based fat and oils, legumes and lentils (sprouted or raw only) one meal only, no grain products at all, allow Raw SunWarrior, allow raw cacoa nibs (natural sugar only), only cook carrots since I am allergic to raw carrots

Week 2: Add in Beans/Legumes and Soy and Raw Grains (Focus on ~ 50% Raw)

Fruit, veggie, nuts, plant-based fat and oils, raw grains (sprouted or raw only), Raw SunWarrior, raw cacoa nibs (natural sugar fat), add cooked beans/legumes/lentils to one meal only, organic soy

Week 3: Add in Eggs and Grains (Focus on ~ 50% Raw)

Fruit, veggie, nuts, plant-based fat and oils, Raw SunWarrior, raw cacoa nibs (natural sugar fat), beans/legumes/lentils, organic soy, add in eggs and all grains

Week 4: Regular, Staple Diet

Follow week 3 diet and focus on eating; this will become the regular diet

Wish me luck!! I’d love to hear if any of you have ever done something similar to this since this is going to be my first time!


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