Almond Hemp Pumpkin Apple Ginger Breakfast Protein Bowl


The Recipe

Yields 1 serving

1 cup unsweetened almond or soy milk

2 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsp pumpkin seeds, broken into smaller pieces

1 medium apple, diced

2 tsp pumpkin spice

1 tsp ginger powder



1. Mix everything together in a bowl and eat right away before the apples get soggy – eat cold. You can microwave it to make it a little warm if you want, but I didn’t try this so I can’t vouch for the taste (the apples will definitely get softer if you microwave it).


Quinoa Oat Green Khakhra (Indian Thin Crackers) & First College Breakfast!

Before I headed out to college, my mom and I had made a Quinoa Oat Green Roti (Indian flatbread). There’s this other famous Indian snack called khakhra that is basically a thin Indian cracker – crunchy and savory! One morning, my mom tried roasting the green roti on the stovetop for a little bit longer than needed for roti and it become hard and crunchy, just like khakhra! It is a really thin cracker, which makes it ideal for any one to enjoy on-the-go as well. So, if you want a healthier version of a cracker with some hearty leafy greens added, check out this recipe for Quinoa Oat Green Roti here and simply roast the dough after rolling it for about 5-7 minutes longer till it becomes harder and crunchy. Enjoy with anything; culturally, this snack is enjoyed in the morning with tea or for a snack in the afternoon!

look how thin!

Next, for a yummy recipe! I just moved into college successfully – very tiring process and it rained thanks to that silly hurricane, but everything is good now thankfully! For breakfast this morning, I decided to try out Shiloh Farm’s Oat Bran that I had recently discovered in my local health food store. It’s a hearty breakfast since oat bran is filled with fiber and protein – one serving has a whooping 8g protein and 7g fiber! It’s a healthy and delicious way to start off your day and you can top the oat bran off with literally anything, just like oatmeal! I choose some apple slices, cinnamon powder, and flaxseeds. Feel free to play around with yours – you can add nuts, fruit, dried fruit, brown sugar, nut butters, milk, chocolate chips, etc!


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

1/3 cup oat bran

1/2 cup almond milk (optional)

1 cup water

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1 tbsp flaxseed, ground



1. On the stovetop, cook your oat bran in water till the water starts to evaporate and the oat bran becomes like porridge. Add your milk if you wish and let it cook for about another minute till the milk and oat bran start to bubble a little to the consistency you wish. Stir frequently.

2. Pour the oat bran into a bowl. Top with your desired add-ins and enjoy warm! If it is too hot for you to eat, place in the freezer for a few minutes and then enjoy.

Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce (no added sugar)

My mom and I made some homemade applesauce for me to take to college next week! It’s so delicious – fresh and tastes just like cinnamon apples. We didn’t add any extra sugar, salt, or excess lemon juice. Each serving is ~ 90 calories, 0g fat, 22g carbs, 2g fiber, 17g sugar, 1g protein. I used it to bake some cookies too as a replacement to oil and butter and it worked perfectly! The applesauce has the perfect amount of natural sweetness, so delicious. You should make yourself a batch and freeze it for longterm use! It’s delicious to eat during the winter time or when you’re sick. It’s also a very delicious dessert!!


The Recipe

Yields ~ 5 cups of sauce (~ 8 – 10 servings)

Serving Size: 1/2 cup

7 large apples (I used large Gala apples)

6 large cinnamon sticks

7 tbsp lemon juice



1. Slice all of the apples and remove the cores.

2. Blend together all of the apples with about 1/4 cup water. You definitely don’t want to use more or your sauce will become very thin so try to use a very strong blender.

3. Heat the apple puree on the stove top in a large pot. Throw in the cinnamon sticks (I broke mine in halves) and the lemon juice. Heat for about 15 – 20 minutes till all of the water has boiled. You will see the apple puree bubble and the applesauce will get thicker. Stir frequently.


finished applesauce – yum

4. Let the applesauce cool then store into an air tight container. It will remain fresh for a while actually – you can refrigerate it for about a week or freeze it for about a year!

Day 1 of Challenge: Raw Antidetox Juice

Well, like I said a few hours ago, I am starting my 28 Day Mind and Body Cleanse Challenge. For breakfast today, I made a raw antioxidant detox juice from beets, carrots, apples, and ginger. Ahh it was so good! The beets and apples gave it a really nice sweet juicy taste and the ginger added a fresh morning zing to my body. I loved it so much. The drink blended ruby red – you cannot miss the benefits of this drink just because of it’s color! Red beets are considered antioxidant superstars. Why? They have minerals and compounds that fight inflammation in your body, detoxing your organs by making toxins soluble, and helping them to flush out. Carrots provide the same benefits! It’s unbelievable how strong these simple vegetables are. I am more than satisfied with my first meal of this cleanse! I highly recommend you trying this recipe out even if you aren’t doing a cleanse because it’s tasty, refreshing, and detoxing! The ruby red drink will purify your blood!


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

Serving Size: 1 1/2 cup of juice

3/4 cup raw beet

1 carrot

1 apple (I used Gala, Granny Smith is perfectly fine too)

1 tbsp ginger root



1. Place all the ingredients through a juicer or blend them together like I did. Drink fresh.

sliced apples, chopped carrots, peeled beet, and a tbsp-sized ginger root

Vegan Baked Apple Granola Dessert

one apple slice with pumpkin flax granola

If you’re anything like me, you are always craving something sweet and satisfying. But, you look at that chocolate bar’s nutrition facts, and you can already feel your hard work to stay on a diet flying away. Well, that’s when I decided to experiment a little with the famous baked apple dessert, which you can even use as an afternoon snack! Everyone has to have heard of apple crisp. Well, I personally LOVE granola. I live by it, no joke. My favorite one is pumpkin flax granola, which you can find here, and it is also the one I used in this recipe. Since I love granola SO much, I thought of combining it with apples into a jumbo, yummy dessert! I hope you enjoy this tasty yet guilty free dessert as much as I do! 🙂


The Recipe

Yields 2 Servings

Serving Size: 1/2 apple with toppings

1 large apple, sliced into two large pieces (slice down the core on both sides, remove the core and you are left with two apple slices with flat tops)

2 tbsp honey (you could use butter in place of honey if you wanted)

2 tsp brown sugar (optional – only if you feel you want some more sugar)

4 tbsp nature path’s pumpkin flax seed granola (this is my personal favorite, but you can use any you want – I’ve tried nature valley honey granola as well and it tasted just as amazing)



1. Place the two apple slices on a microwavable plate.

2. Using a knife, spread 1 tbsp of honey onto each slice.

3. Sprinkle 1 tbsp of brown sugar onto both of the slices, sticking it to the honey.

4. Microwave the apples for ~ 4 minutes.

5. Remove the plate and sprinkle both apples with granola and enjoy! Be careful, as the apple may still be hot. Some may prefer to use a knife to cut the apple slices into halves or to use utensils to eat because the honey does make the dessert sticky!