Sweet Treats & Easy Indian Recipes

Methi Thepla (Indian Fenugreek Flatbreads)

Quinoa Dosas (Indian Crepes Made Healthy)

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Cinnamon Coffee Crumb Cake (Trader Joe’s)


Quinoa Oat Green Roti (Indian Flatbread)

For lunch today, my mom and I experimented with making a healthier version to the Indian favorite, roti. Roti is basically a thin, Indian flatbread, typically made out of white or whole wheat flour. We wanted it to be made out homemade flour (so unrefined) and out of our favorite whole grains (oats and quinoa). Moreover, we thought of making them with a little vegetable so we made a green spinach puree and it turned out to make delicious green rotis! You can’t even taste the difference, the rotis taste just like your atypical bread or tortilla yet they are so much healthier! Rotis are perfect to eat with any dish or as a snack – you can dip it into yogurt, hummus, or any other dips or you can enjoy it with your main entrees like lentils, soup, vegetables, etc. For non-Indians, you can easily replace rotis for your daily serving of bread! It tastes good with literally anything 🙂


The Recipe

Yields 10 – 12 servings

Serving Size: ~ 5 – 6″ thin roti

1/3 cup quinoa

1/3 cup gluten-free oats

3 tbsp seaweed

3/4 cup spinach puree

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp hing powder (optional)

1 tsp olive oil



1. Blend together the seaweed, quinoa, and oats to make a flour. 

2. Blend ~4 cups of raw spinach leaves to make a puree. Add a little water if needed. If you make any extras, you can freeze the puree and it will remain fresh for several months!

3. Mix together the flour, the spinach puree, and the spices. Start kneading the dough, add a little water if needed to make the flour stick together. Continue kneading until it is a smooth dough. Break the dough into ~ 10 – 12 evenly sized balls (about the size of a lemon).

4. Using a roller, roll out the balls into thin circles (like tortillas). Dust a little flour onto both sides of the roti to help it stretch better. Be sure to roll gently because the flour is very fragile and will break into pieces easily.

5. On a skillet, heat the roti. Add a little olive oil. Once the roti starts to “poof” up or bubble, flip it over. Add a little oil to the other side if you want. Cook the roti on both sides by flipping over until you see brown spots forming.

i chose this picture to show you how it tears – don’t worry if you get a little hole, it will still cook


6. Serve warm with any dish or enjoy simply with yogurt.

Eggless Whole Grain Pumpkin Chia Walnut Bread

My grandma is a lacto-vegetarian, meaning she eats dairy but no eggs. So, for her anniversary, I decided to make her a delicious pumpkin walnut bread. I wanted it to be more on the healthier side so I chose whole grain flours (whole wheat and quinoa) and added chia seeds to give the bread a boost of omega-3 acids. The recipe was really easy and the pumpkin was fresh so the bread tasted moist and delicious. The walnuts added a nice crunchy flavor to both the inside of the bread and the top (I had sprinkled a handful on top instead of using a glaze). Moreover, I thought the raisins added some natural sweetness to the bread and that is why I chose to use less brown sugar in the recipe. I hope you enjoy the recipe and can maybe even make it for your grandma!


The Recipe

Yields exactly 9-10 Servings

Serving Size: 1 slice of bread


1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup quinoa flour (I took 1/2 cup of uncooked quinoa and blended it in my BlendTec)

1/2 cup brown sugar (you can use 3/4 cup depending on your sweetness desire)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 pinch of salt

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1.5 cup walnut halves crushed into smaller pieces

1 cup seedless raisins

50g Chia Seed (optional)


2 cups pumpkin puree (you can either use canned pumpkin or blend fresh pumpkin)

3 tbsp yogurt (I used greek yogurt 0% fat – if vegan, you can substitute in any vegan yogurt, use pumpkin puree so no blending needed, or simply use a little water to help puree the pumpkin but make sure not to add too much water or your cake will turn out too moist)

5 tsp olive oil

** You can replace the add-ins (walnuts and raisins) with whatever you want. Other delicious pairings are walnuts + chocolate chips, raisins + chocolate chips, and pumpkin seeds + chocolate chips. Feel free to use whichever you prefer.



1. Preheat oven to 350 F.

2. Mix the following dry ingredients in a bowl – whole wheat flour, quinoa flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon powder, salt, chia seeds, and brown sugar.

3. Using a blender, blend fresh pumpkin and the yogurt together (if you are using canned pumpkin puree, then simply mix in a bowl).

4. Mix in the oil into the pumpkin batter until evenly stirred.

5. Pour the wet ingredients (pumpkin puree, yogurt, oil) into the dry ingredients and mix well.

6. Carefully fold in the raisins and walnuts. Leave a handful of the walnuts on the side.

7. Spray a bread pan with PAM and pour the batter into the tin. Use the remaining walnuts to sprinkle the top.

8. Bake for 25-30 minutes, and check to see if the bread has fully cooked using a toothpick.

9. Cool for about 30 minutes on the side and then cut into desired slices.