Oh The Variety of Recipes :)

Vegan Healthy Pumpkin Muffins!

Vegan Lunch: Sprouted Grain Bread w/ Pumpkin Butter, Lemony Tempeh Chunk, Raw Salad 

Vegan Red Quinoa Chickpea Protein Bowl


Raw Fennel Chickpea Salad w/ Brown Rice & 2 Ingredient Vegan Avocado Ice Cream!

For lunch yesterday, I made a big batch of raw fennel chickpea salad with a bunch of vegetables and spices I found in my pantry and mixed it with some brown rice! Simply throw all the ingredients together and enjoy as a hearty, colorful lunch – easy to make and easy to take on the go 🙂 And, then, for dessert I made a two-ingredient avocado ice cream to satisfy my craving in the hot weather – you won’t even believe that the ice cream is vegan when you taste it (caution: you should like avocados before you try this recipe)! Also, I apologize for the poor photo quality – had to deal with just an iPhone camera.


The Recipe

Yields 2 servings

1 cup chickpeas

1 cup brown rice, cooked

1 cup argula leaves, diced finely

1 tbsp oregano

1/2 green bell pepper, diced

1 cup broccoli, pureed (to make salad creamy)

1 cup blueberries, washed

1/2 lemon worth of juice

30 cherry tomatoes, diced

1 cucumber, diced

1 small onion, diced

2 tbsp fennel seeds

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (optional)

1 tsp salt (optional)


I tried to be adventurous for my dessert and pureed 1 pitted avocado with 1/2 a frozen banana and 1/2 a cup of almond milk. It made a creamy texture, which I froze and then enjoyed as ice cream 15 minutes later!! It’s so tasty, especially if you like avocados. If you aren’t a huge fan of avocado alone, blend 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 2 – 4 tbsp of sugar (your choice) with the puree.

pureed avocado ice cream

frozen ice cream !

Today’s Yummy Food Adventures (Esp. New Indian Recipes!)

Vegan Raspberry “Cheesecake” (no added sugar, low-carb, delicious!!)

Gujarati Puran Puri (Indian Sweet Flatbread)

Homemade 4-Ingredient Nut Chikki (Indian Brittle)

No-Cook Lemony & “Creamy” Quinoa Salad

No-Cook Chickpea Salad


Sneaky sneaky, that’s how I would describe the lunch I made today for my family. I’m trying to imbed a little bit of a healthy lifestyle into them and healthy in my mind means low-saturated fat, colorful, fiber-heavy, and plant-based (meaning no dairy). So, I made a quick, healthy, simple, and delicious chickpea salad for everyone today. I used a nice olive lime dressing that gave the salad a really extraordinary zest, perfect for a relaxing summer meal! I made it insanely colorful with raw vegetables of all kinds to add different vitamins and minerals into this hearty lunch salad. I even snuck in a daily serving of flaxseeds for everyone, which you can’t even see or taste in the salad – sneaky sneaky hehe! The salad is packed with so many nutrients – high in magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A & C, potassium, fiber, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. Moreover, it has no cholesterol and is both low-sodium and low-sugar! Plus, it was really easy to make, less than ten minutes and it was ready. And, it was delicious. I don’t like making claims without them being true, but the fact that everyone in my family ate it without any complains or reaching for the salt shaker means that it was perfect taste-wise and fullness-wise. Also, I decided to check out how healthy my salad really was so I calculated its nutrition facts per serving. I was actually really surprised – only 260 calories! What could be better? I hope you like it! It’s the perfect summer salad because of the lime dressing 🙂 


The Recipe

Yields 4 Servings

Serving Size: 2 cups of salad

2 cups cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

20 almonds, soaked for an hour (if any allergies, simply replace with some avocados or another chopped nut or take out completely – the salad will still tasty just as delicious!)

1 large yellow bell pepper, diced

2 cucumbers, diced with with peel

3 cups raw spinach (~ 60 spinach leaves)

15 cherry or grape tomatoes, diced

2 tbsp seaweed, dried

3 tbsp freshly chopped parsley leaves

1 garlic clove, grated

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 lemon worth of juice (~ 2 tbsp)

2 tbsp flaxseed, ground

1 tsp ginger, grated

1 tsp black pepper



1. Cook the garbanzo beans (soak them overnight or cook them with bay leaves if you want to reduce gassiness).

2. Cut all the vegetables and place them on to the side.

3. In a grinder (or blender), slightly pulse the spinach till finely ground and place to the side. Then, pulse the almonds till finely chopped and place those to the side as well.

soaked almonds

finely pulsed spinach leaves

4. Toss all of the following ingredients together in a mixing bowl – the vegetables, parsley, seaweed, spinach, and flaxseed.

5. In a small bowl, mix the lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, ginger, black pepper, (and salt if you want it). Pour that evenly over the entire salad and toss together.

6. Distribute the salad into four bowls and top each with an even amount of the chopped almonds before serving.

topped with finely chopped almonds

Fresh Radish Chickpea Salad

Wellll, today’s Monday, and I know we all dread getting out of our cozy beds. So, for lunch today, I decided to try something new to give myself some motivation to look forward to the rest of the day. This weekend, my mom brought me some fresh produce from a local farmer’s market – I got tons of radish, collard greens, dandelion, kale, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes. I plan on experimenting a lot this week with my new diet plan. And, I started today! My goal is to focus on having a protein, a whole grain/starch, and fresh vegetables with herbs in every meal. For today’s lunch, I choose my favorite grain (quinoa) and fresh chickpeas as my base for the salad. The toppings included some radish, tomatoes, collard greens, and parsley leaves all topped with a delicious, but simple balsamic vinegar dressing. I have to say that this salad not only look delicious, but also tasted delicious. On top of it all, it’s full of great protein, whole grain, fiber, and vitamin sources! Plus, quinoa is a complete protein, perfect for all of you vegans and vegetarians who know how difficult it is to find complete protein sources without mixing up different ingredients! I hope you like it as much as I did! It’s a really simply recipe – just chop and cook all of the ingredients ahead of time, mix together in a bowl, swirl in the balsamic vinegar, and eat cold (or warm if you prefer)! I ate this, as I said, for my lunch entree, but you can even split the serving up into 2 and enjoy as a side salad to any meal or an afternoon snack! It’s packed with several nutrients so it’s perfect for any time of the day.


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving main dish (or 2 Servings side dish)

Serving Size: 3 cups of salad

1/2 cup cooked quinoa

1/2 cup cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

1 cup collard greens, chopped or diced

5 cherry or grape tomatoes

2 large radishes, diced or 1/2 cup radish, diced

2 tbsp parsley leaves, chopped

1 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 garlic clove, shredded or 1 tsp garlic powder

1 – 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1/4 – 1/2 tsp salt


Refreshing Citrus Summer Lentil Bulgur Salad

I had a meeting today at my internship so I was short on time in the morning to prepare myself lunch. Therefore, last night, I soaked some bulgur wheat for about an hour and then cooked and refrigerated it. This way I was prepared to make my lunch for today! It’s a hot day outside, really sunny, mid 90s. So, I wanted a nice summer salad – sweet, tangy, filling, and delicious. I decided to go with a nice blend of cabbage greens, hearty white mushrooms, sprouted lentils as my protein, bulgur wheat as my whole grain, avocados as my healthy fats, and a little summer-y secret ingredient to make it delicious: grapefruit!

Ah, now grapefruit is a difficult fruit in the sense that it is very tangy and acidic so I know a lot of people who don’t like it, but I LOVE it. First of all, it’s so healthy for you – it’s about 90% water. Moreover, it helps to control insulin and blood sugar, which is why a lot of doctors and trainers advise dieters to eat half a grapefruit a day. It’s the perfect summer food since it has a high water content so on hot days, it’s refreshing and sweet. Grapefruit juice is also really tasty, especially as a dressing, which is what I used in this salad as well! As directed below, you will use some olive oil, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice to make a nice tangy dressing for your salad. It’s honestly the perfect blend because grapefruit and lemon are so refreshing; therefore, this salad will definitely give you a boost of energy and a dose of summer happiness. The chilled taste of fresh citrus in your mouth is something you cannot miss out on in the summer.

I made the vegetables in the salad raw to get a nice balance of fiber and whole grains, but feel free to cook your bok choy leaves and mushrooms if that is how you prefer your salads! Also, the avocado in this salad really meshes well with the grapefruit. It balances it out the acidity really well and gives the salad some more texture, making it even more extraordinary. Enjoy this salad as either a side to a meal or as your entree – it’s filling and easily portable since it’s not drenched in dressing and won’t go bad in the heat! I hope you enjoy the grapefruit-based salad as much as I did.


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

Serving Size: 3 cups

1/2 cup bulgur wheat cooked

1 cup sprouted mung beans or 1/2 cup of a lean protein of your choice – click here to learn how to sprout

1/4 avocado, diced

2 large white mushrooms, sliced

2 bok choy leaflets, diced

1/2 grapefruit, peeled and sliced

1/4 cup fresh mozzarella cheese (optional if you like cheese on your salad)

1 tsp lemon zest or freshly squeeze lemon juice

1 tsp salt and black pepper (optional for taste)

1 1/2 tsp olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 freshly grated garlic clove



1. Slice your bok choy leaflets into pieces about the size of lettuce leaves you usually get in a caesar salad. Wash the mushrooms properly. Cook these vegetables if you wish to (you can steam them in the microwave in a bowl of water as well if you are short on time).

2. Cook your sprouted lentils or your choice of lean protein (if they are not cooked already).

3. Place the bulgur wheat, lentils, mushrooms, bok choy, and avocado into a mixing bowl. On the side, start to peel and slice half of a grapefruit. As you are doing this, some of the grapefruit juice will being to ooze out so do it over a small bowl and collect the dripping juice because we are going to use it!

4. Place your sliced grapefruit into the bowl and freshly grate one garlic clove over top.

5. Take the grapefruit juice that you collected (if you didn’t get much, don’t worry, you really only need a few drops for the tangy dressing). Mix the juice with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper (if you need it), and the lemon juice. This will make a nice refreshing dressing for your salad. Taste a little to make sure it is not too tangy for you and if you need more salt or pepper.

6. Drizzle the salad with your freshly made dressing and mix together. Top your salad with some fresh mozzarella cheese if you wish. Yummm, so refreshing! : ) 

Chilled Bok Choy, Black Bean Salad

For dinner today, I whipped up some quinoa, black beans, and chopped vegetables. I was in sort of a laid-back mood so I really liked that this recipe was easy to make and hearty – all you have to do is chop everything together, cook the quinoa in some water, throw in your blend of spices, and mix together! My choices of spices were simple too, which was perfect! The salad came out crunchy and full of flavors like turmeric, onions, and lime. You can even add in some salad dressing like vinaigrette if you wish and you’ll have yourself a tasty side dish or main entree that is vegan and full of protein. 


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving main dish or 2 Servings side dish

Serving Size: 1 salad bowl

1/2 cup cooked and cooled quinoa

1/2 cup cooked and cooled black beans

5 cherry or grape tomatoes, diced

3 bok choy leaflets, diced

2 tbsp onions, diced

1 cucumber, diced

1 lemon wedges or 1 tsp of lemon juice

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 – 1 tsp salt

1 tsp turmeric powder

Colorful & Anti-Inflammatory Protein Salad

I follow a few recipe blogs and recently, I’ve been getting so many messages about summer salads. So, for lunch today, I decided to make a protein-packed colorful salad. I tried to grab all colors possible – white egg whites,  red tomatoes and peppers, orange turmeric powder, yellow sprouts, green cucumbers, and blue blueberries. Pretty successful in terms of the rainbow : ) It’s also anti-inflammatory since I added turmeric powder and fennel seeds. Therefore, it’s a perfect meal for a flat belly diet or someone looked to debloat. I used it as a lunch salad, but the portion size is definitely big enough to turn it into a more dinner side dish if you wanted!


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving main dish or 2 Servings side dish

Serving Size: 1 salad bowl

2 cup sprouted mung beans – click here to learn how to sprout lentils and beans

1 cucumber, diced with skin

8 cherry or grape tomatoes, sliced

1/2 large red bell pepper, diced

2 large hard-boiled eggs, yolks removed (for vegan options, you can replace the egg whites with tofu or edamame or even enjoy the salad without any replacement to the eggs)

40 fresh blueberries

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp fennel seeds

Salt as per needed (optional)

Grilled Kale and Sprouts Salad

For dinner today, I really wanted a simple kale salad but I personally don’t like raw kale so I decided to slightly grill them in my toaster/grill oven. It ended up tasting amazing! I highly recommend eating this on a day that you want a simply but protein-packed salad. The kiwi was probably my favorite part of this salad – I had never tried kiwi as the fruit base of a salad before but it really gave the salad a tangy, sweet taste and mixed really well with the cucumbers. Just a heads up, this salad is more on the “less-heavy” side so if you want a bigger salad for your meal, toss in a few more ingredients like tofu, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. You can enjoy this salad as a lunch entree or as a side as well!


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

Serving Size: 1 salad bowl

1 cup kale, washed and the stems removed

1 cup sprouted mung bean – click here to learn how to sprout lentils and beans

1 cucumber, diced

1 kiwi, diced

1 tbsp olive oil

1 wedge lemon or 1 tsp lemon juice

A pinch of salt (optional)



1. Basically, this salad is really easy to make. I placed my washed kale on a piece of aluminum foil and placed the foil into my toaster and grilled the kale for about a minute and a half. The kale leaves become warm and soft, but not crispy so they tasted delicious. You can also grill them on an actual grill if you want them to be more crisp.

2. Mix together all of the ingredients in a bowl and serve!

Quinoa Edamame Bowl


The Recipe

Yields 1 Serving

Serving Size: 1 salad bowl

1/2 cup cooked quinoa

8 cherry or grape tomatoes, sliced

1/2 cup edamame

1/4 avocado, diced

1 lemon wedges or 1 tsp of lemon juice

1 sprinkle of cilantro leaves

1 tsp turmeric powder