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Why hello there, welcome to foodwithmalvi. As you probably figured, my name is Malvi. I am a sophomore in college at Johns Hopkins University, studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. I have an avid interest for nutrition and usually spend most of my free time blogging, baking, or cooking. I usually just make food for myself and family members or friends, but my father told me that I should share it with others who would love to try new things and that is why I started blogging!

As you probably noticed, foodwithmalvi is a vegetarian and vegan food blog. I try to post recipes of foods that I created myself or was inspired to create from another food blogger or website. I personally LOVE chocolate and granola so you’ll notice a lot of those recipes. Since I am vegetarian, most of my recipes are based with vegetables, some of my favorites are spinach, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. I’m not completely vegan because I eat egg whites once in a while; however, I am lactose-intolerant so I relate really well with vegan diets since I don’t eat cheese, milk, or any products derived from it.

In addition to being a food lover, I take a lot of interest in nutrition and fitness. I have read several books about vegetarian and vegan diets centered around plant-based foods and like to incorporate those into the foods I make and the posts I publish for you to read. My favorite book thus far has been “The China Study” by T. Campbell, followed by “The Kind Diet”. I highly recommend you read those books if you are interested in learning about healthy living and a balanced, nutritious vegan diet. After reading such books, I was inspired to share some of the information and so I have also created a “Daily Stable Foods” list because I realized how most vegetarians and vegans are unaware of how to incorporate complete proteins and hearty, unprocessed whole grains into their diet. Hopefully, that list can help you incorporate the essential amino acids your body needs into your daily diet!

I hope that you can enjoy the recipes as much as my family and I have. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or comments! I’d love to chat about food and nutrition. 🙂

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